Up Next

Friday, August 19 

The Royal

Clapton America

8 to 11 pm 

1 S. Easton Road, Glenside 

Get your tickets: https://www.theroyalglenside.com/tickets

Saturday, August 27 

Lowe Makefield Community Day

The Mix

1 to 2 pm

Community Park, 1050 Edgewood Road

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“I’ve seen The  Mix at many venues and they are really entertaining. If you enjoy the sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s, you will love The Mix.”

— Dan Taylor, Bensalem

“My first annual Summer in Fall Fest was a great success thanks in part to The Mix who provided the energy and great harmonies to the party. I’m having them back for the second annual next year. Thanks guys for hanging with us and rocking the fest! So much fun.” 

— Barry Fisher, Bristol

“Who doesn’t like to sing along to a great song?  That’s the kind of music you’ll hear from The Mix.  You can tell they and the crowd are having a great time.”

Mick Moninghoff, Forks Township 

“The Mix has the personal commitment to delivering the most authentic presentation of some of their most admired musicians. It’s like the members consider it an honor and privilege to  stage live performances of these classics, the way they were meant to be enjoyed.  You will not be disappointed by the depth and range in their Mix.”

— Kathy Roberts, Philadelphia