The Band

We’re The Mix

  Here are our tales of triumph & tragedy (wink, wink)


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Vocals & guitar 

Vic picked up his first (Danelectro) guitar when he was 8. He took lessons for 6 years until a jazz book hurt his brain. Thus, a pop/rock cover band avocation (some would say obsession) soon ensued.

His first musical residency came with Fox-Chase-based Hot Ice, which marked the start of a long collaboration with guitarist/singer Bill Mecaughey which resumed after decades apart when they started The Mix. 

Guitar lessons were followed by voice lessons, both privately and at Temple University. Today, Vic is a top-notch vocal arranger who enjoys singing backup harmonies as much as being up front in the spotlight. His singing influences include Kenny Loggins, Edwin McCain and former Chicago band member Bill Champlin, who he has known since the ’80s.

Vic has fronted bands in the Lehigh Valley (Out to Lunch), at the Jersey Shore (Full Tilt), Wilmington (University of Funk) and Bensalem (Stealin’ The Covers).
A personal highlight was his leadership of Clayton, NJ-based Shady Characters, which had a run of five years in the late 90s, playing venues from Philly to the Jersey Shore.
Some of his most rewarding work came a few years back as the original lead singer and primary booker for Countdown to Ecstasy, an 11-piece Bensalem-based Steely Dan tribute band that played such notable Philly venues as World Cafe Live (main stage) and the venerable North Star bar.


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Lead Guitar & Vocals

In early 1964 Steve was a lot like any other young boy — digging the space program, playing in the woods after school, watching sitcoms with the family at night. Until Feb. 9 of that year when The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.  From that point on, the suburban Philly kid became obsessed with everything rock ‘n roll. 

After realizing many of his friends played guitar, Steve pestered his parents until they bought him a bass.  After a couple months of lessons and lots of practice, the first song Steve learned was “In A Gadda Da Vida.” After that came all of the Beatles songs, a lot of Stones and surf music that he still loves. 

Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, David Bowie – the list of Steve’s influences is too long to list here and includes country rock and jazz artists. 

In junior high, Steve noticed it was the guitar players who were getting the girls so he went on another extended badgering of his parents until they bought him a Les Paul Junior and small amplifier. Building model rockets in his room was abandoned and every waking hour was spent learning the guitar. (His grades did suffer and the entire family seemed to have a constant headache). 

From high school through marriage and raising children, Steve has played in numerous rock bands throughout the Delaware Valley, worked in music stores and taught guitar to beginner and moderate students. 

After a brief hiatus in the 2000s, Steve is excited to be back in the game and playing with The Mix.


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Drums & Vocals

Billy’s musical endeavors started at the wee age of 3, as he drove his mother crazy playing on pots and pans until he got his first drum set that Christmas. 
He played in the drum corps throughout high school. He also was in the band Spontaneous Creation, which played several high school concerts and dances. 
The last 25 yrs have been spent working with groups including Magic, Reactor, 101 Central, Spellbound and Buck’s County venerable classic rock band Forecast, in which he still performs.
His drumming influences include Buddy Rich, Simon Phillips and Billy Cobham. Other influences are Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, Yes and Styx.
He also enjoys listening to jazz and any great vocal harmonies. The latter is not surprising, given the great ear he has for backup vocals. 


Bass & Vocals 

Gus was born into a musical family in Cleveland. This led to the inception of The Bruno Brothers Band at the dawn of disco. The four brothers (Bob, Jerry, Gus and Mike) quickly became Cleveland favorites, showcasing strong vocal harmonies and two drummers.  

Other highlights in his musical career include performing several times at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and playing with members of Humble Pie and Taylor Swift’s and Pat Benatar’s bands.

Gus brought his rock/funk style to Philadelphia a dozen years ago and has played in local groups including Scattertrain and Where’s Pete?